Year: 2016
Type: Pubication Design 
Publisher: Garden City Publishers Company
Team Member: Huang Yun-Chi, Peng Hsing-Wen, LIANG YUN-CHU        

99 is the title of our yearbook, which stands for the start year of our class.

This year book has two context: one contains every student's thesis design from our class, the other is the documentation of our graduation exhibition which was held in a old building in middle district, Taichung. Two contexts are equally important, so we designed it in folding format. Therefore, readers can read it from both ends. While it is folded, it's a extremely simple publication that doesn't have any label on it, a pure 20cm X 20cm X 4cm volume. But it is also a 5000cm X 20cm big paper when unfolded, which means this yearbook is made of one long paper.