Year: 2015
Type: Thesis Design
Advisor: Kuo Wen-Liang
Lin Yen-Ting, Crystal Liu, Suki Man, Chang Chia-Wei, Chen Yi-An,
Lo Kuang-Liang, Kuo Yun-yun, Lu Hao-Yeh, Fang En, Chen Yen-Cheng,
Hu Rei-Wen, Tseng Yi-Cheng, Wang Jen-Chieh

This installation stands for the performance of Taiwan Babel Tower.

It's a six-meter-tall tower floating in the air, located next to a staircase. As audience climbed up the stairs, they moved from bottom of the tower to the top, from ouside to inside. Multiple trials were done so as to back up the installation, including a novel, few videos, a mixture of sound recorded from Taipei city and concept drawings. One month before final jury of thesis, I recruited 10 assistants and helped me set the installation and finished curating. On one hand, in order to control the light and sound during the display, we had to shelter the two-store-building with shading cloth.  On the other hand, lights, speakers and exhibition stands were assembled and installed for the purpose of best demonstration.

It was not just traditional architectural drawing and modeling, but building an 1:1 scale installation and 6 square meters exhibition that people can actually walk in and participate the performence.