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Creative Director

Lu Te-Hsing is a creative/art director from Taiwan, who concentrates in cross-disciplinary storytelling.

Trained as an architect, Lu explores the sociological and psychological aspects of space and technology. Previous work includes the award-winning hybrid-documentary “Last Choice” which got attention worldwide, including winning the Best Direction in 5th annual Asia South-East Film Festival, Best Experimental Short in 18th annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas and officially selected in 29th annual LA Independent Film Showcase.

Lu's works span in many fields and he believes that the story is the foundation of all the experience, regardless of the format used. Therefore, his projects are always cross-disciplinary. Lu is specialized in story-telling, illustrating, creative/art directing, production designing, set designing and 2D/3D visualization.

Lu is also working for UNIT9 as a creative/art director. UNIT9 is an international production company that produces interactive experiences, including AR, VR, gaming, film, installations and immersive theater. We work closely with teams from Nike, Vice, Tinder, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Starz, Gucci, Chanel, Pandora, Netflix, Snapchat, Oculus, and many other companies that are interested in unexpected and unique productions.

Currently based in Los Angeles.


Southern California Institute of Architecture/
Master of Art, Fiction and Entertainment

Tunghai University/
Bachelor of Architecture


Substitute Military Service
National Defense Medical Center
2016/06 - 2017/06

Film Editor & Cinematographer 
Documentary for Reconstruction of No.41 in THU
2016/08 - 2016/12

Host and Curator
"99" Exhibition 
2016/07 - 2016/09

"99"  THU Architecture Graduation Special Issue
2016/02 - 2016/08

 "Super Ficial" Venice Architecture Biennale
Taiwan Pavilion Proposal Team
2015/07 - 2015/08

Interior Designer
Campaign Headquaters of Legistor Hung Tzi-Yung
2015/07 - 2015/0

Assistant Art Director
Taiwan Hakka TV film project “Parental Leave”
2014/09 - 2014/10

Director, Band Manager and Drummer
THU Architecture christmas party
2013/09 - 2013/12

Assistant Art Director
Uniqlo Shanghai Winter CF
2012/07 - 2012/08


“Last Choice”,
Los Angeles jellyFest Film Festival
Semi-Finalist 2019/08       

Cincinnati African & Asian Diaspora Film Festival
Official Selection 2019/07

Asian Film Festival Dallas
Best Experimental Short Film 2019/07

Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival
Official Selection 2019/07

LA Independent Film Showcase Film Festival
Official Selection 2019/04

Docs Without Borders Film Festival
Special Merit Prize 2019/03

NewFilmmaker New York AltFest 2019
Official Selection 2019/01

Asian South East Short Film Festival
Best Direction 2018/12
Best North American Film 2018/12

"Naked Life In Disguise", 
Arch Out Loud Boarders Competition
Top 50 Finalist, 2017/03

"Taiwan Babel Tower",
eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2016
Honorable mentioned, 2016/03

"The Ridge",
Pou Chen Creative Park Competition
Third Place, 2016/03


Discrete Expression: Re-Thinking Architecture Space Through Computational Ornaments
Host: UCL Bartlett & NUU
Location: Taiwan

Art Setouchi Workshop
Host: THU & CYCU
Location: Shodoshima, Japan

Middle District Reconstruction Workshop
Host: Yoshifumi Nakamura
Location: Taiwan

Mumbai Urban Design Exchange Workshop
Location: Mumbai

Ching Hua Architecture And Culture Workshop
Host: Beijing Ching Hua University
Location: Beijing


"Naked Life In Disguise",
Arch Out Loud Website, 2017/03

"Taiwan Babel Tower" ,
eVolo Skyscraper3,  2016/10

“Taiwan Babel Tower”,
99 THU Thesis Special Issue, 2016/08

"Pills Of Nostalgia", 
Fun Shu Chu Architecture Magazine June Issue, 2016/06

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eVolo Skyscraper Competition Website, 2016/03