Arch Out Loud Boarders Competition _ Top 50 Finalist

Year: 2017
Host: Arch Out Loud
Team Member: Liang Yun-Chu, Wu Bo-Chen

“The concept of “Naked life” is built around the ideal that life can be fulfilled without the confinements of nationality, class, race or gender.”

This project delineate a bottom-up reflection for pilgrimage towards the concept of “naked life” in the futuristic bathhouse city located at the borders of two Korea. We propose that in the near future, this unorthodox bathhouse city becomes a new front in propaganda warfare. Amidst unsoothing tensions, we seek to explore possibilities for visitors of this city to unshackle the ever-present political pressure that may undermine the pursuit of freedom and equality. Within this premise, the design of boiler rooms and flues are intentionally enlarged to serve as camouflage, protecting its innocent visitors and, ultimately, the ideology of “naked life”.