SDCC 2022: Netflix Machine

A Project With UNIT9
Conception Creative Director

‘The Netflix Machine was a playground for 2022 SDCC attendees to discover and engage with their favourite Netflix titles. As well as typical convention booth elements, visitors could try their luck on a huge floating capsule toy machine at the centre to win exclusive swag. The machine’s playful and colourful components not only became instant eye-candy and an easy-to-spot waypoint across the convention floor, they also acted as a tribute to a range of beloved Netflix IPs.’

The Backround

Netflix and their sub-brand Geeked wanted to promote their upcoming sci-fi titles in a huge way at 2022 San Diego Comic-Con. To help their booth stand out on the crowded convention floor, we built an eye-catching playground installation that let fans interact with their favourite shows.

The Execution

The Netflix Machine was a gigantic capsule toy machine powered by upcoming titles and fan favourites like Stranger Things 4 and Squid Game. Attendees could play with the machine and try their luck to win exclusive SDCC swag.  We suspended dozens of LED screens in the air to create a giant 3D digital canvas showcasing what’s next on Netflix. When attendees activated the machine, the screens changed to simulate the prize capsules being delivered to their hands.

By suspending the majority of the installation in the air we freed up much-needed floor space and maintained visual engagement above the crowd, creating a waypoint for attendees and maximising impressions around the convention.

The cherry on top was when the cast of The Sandman visited and took over the booth for an afternoon, causing quite a stir on the convention floor and directing even more foot traffic our way.

The Results

The Netflix Machine was a massive hit. From digital art direction to physical crowd management, there were a few challenges to solve along the way. But all the hard work was worth it when attendee feedback named The Netflix Machine as their favourite SDCC booth—not just in 2022, but in many recent years.

After two years without the convention, fans were more eager than ever to engage, and we delivered an unforgettable living, breathing experience that matched their passion and enjoyment for their favourite Netflix shows.

Pitch & Conceptual Team:
Creative Director: Lu Te-Hsing
Art Director: Daniil Kutuzov
Set designer: Enes Yaman / João Teixeira / Julio Villarreal Castellanos / Francisco Cortés
Graphic designer: Chuck Ramírez / Florencia Pavan / Jessica Pezenti / Ana Maria Montero Barrantes
Motion graphic designer: Chuck Ramírez / Azrin Hilmi / Fabio Sai

Production Team:
Director of Production: Mindy Lubert
Production Lead: Sarah Barson
Producer: Peyton Moore
Production Designer: Kai Boydell
Art Director: Linn Gelert
Motion Designer: Ron Winter