Year: 2015
Type: Finished Interior Design
Host: Legistor Hung Tzi-Yung
Team Member: Peng Hsing-Wen, Liu Wei-Ting, Liang Yun-Chu                    

To design a legistor's campaign headquater,
we want to design a space that is opened to all citizens.

Hung Tzi-Yung is a very young legistor in Taiwan, whose brother was accidently killed during his military sevice. Her main ideology of politic is to open up new channel of communication. We were luckily chosen to do interior design for her campaign headquaters. Our concept is to create a citizen salon that is opened to all citizens. In order to achieve that, we removed the windows and doors of the building, then put in an installation, windows of citizens, which is also a bulletin board. People can walk inside and post whatever they want to say on the window. In another word, citizens can receive more information from it, like opening up the windows and seeing outside the world.