Year: 2016
Type: Curation 
Advisor: Tien Ling
Team Member: Peng Hsing-Wen      

To Present our yearbook, we decided to unfold it.

"99" THU Graduation Special Issue is 5000 cm while unfolded, which is as long as 5 buses, a 17-story-building or 2 adult blue whale. To maximize our concept of yearbook, we found a place in middle district, Taichung, where is big enough to unfold the book. We hung the unfolding book in the air that was as high as the line of sight height, so readers can enjoy a uninterrupted reading experience. After the reader walk through the exhibition, they finished reading the year as well. We also held a event that invited 20 people to read one book simultaneously, "99" is more than a book, it's also an installation.