Pou Chen Creative Park Competition 2016 _ Third Place

Year: 2016
Host: Pou Chen Enterprise
Advisor: Tien Ling
Team Member: Liu Wei-Ting, Tsai Chen-Lin, Yin Ting, Zhan Chen-Hsing                        

Re-thinking the meaning of industry in the future.

In order to improve the quality of their products and their working environment, Pou Chen enterprise decided to erect a new creative park in Nantou.

Our idea is to imply the concept of industry 4.0, that customers can play a part in manufacturing procedures. The creative park is opened in many ways, such as a opened factory connecting to open areas. Open areas play important part in this case, they are not only for playgrounds that provide customers to test their shoes, but also a venue for exhibiton, for instance, maker's fair. Manufacturing procedures becomes a performance for customers, and they can purchase customized product in sales center.

The contour of the floating roof simulates the shape of local landscapes, which is also the biggest green roofing in Taiwan. With the structure of mega-column, the roof stands for a new horizon in the park. People can climb up the roof trail and enjoy the beautiful sight of Nantou. Although this is a industrial park, we want to weaken the existance of factory, and put customers into first priority.